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The Smart Scope® is very compact, can fit even in an A4 size bag. The Total length of the Smart Scope® only is 220mm.

All the data is stored on HIPPA certified servers in secured and encrypted format.


The Smart Scope® Camera has a10x+ magnification with a 2 step zoom.

It is based on WHO approved VIA- VILI examinations.

Cervical Health Screening in Just 7 Minutes


Register new patients in a click. Easy to maintain digital with unique patient registration numbers


Stain the cervix with Acetic Acid and Lugol's Iodine solutions using cotton swabs for easy application


Capture images using the Smart Scope®. Images captured are stored digitally with labels for future references


AI- enabled risk level Assessment of captured images to generate a color-coded report immediately

Smart Scope ®


Get to know the Smart Scope®!

A digital device for routine cervical health checkups. Every woman deserves a healthy body! Gynaecologists can use the Smart Scope® in an OPD level test.


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